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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sven Hansen - Astray (2003)

Sven Hansen is a musician who started composing Electronic Music around 1989. His first project was called Electronic Universe which had two cassette releases, before Ivo switched to his own name and released the well-known album Concerto In Epsilon in 1996. Around 2000 he took the pseudonym Sven Hansen and all subsequent works are released under that name.
"Astray" reminds me of the brilliant moments of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. It was recorded from a cassette in 1992 (except the last three tracks that were recorded in 2003). Hansen used the yamaha SY22, CS6x, Korg Polysix and other wonderful machines.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thought Guild - Third Voyage (2012)

A collaborative of a two musicians in an improvised setting. Thought Guild came about when Christopher Cameron and Gregory Kyryluk(aka Alpha Wave Movement) started discussing their interest in 1970s and 80s electronic and new age music(Kitaro/Ashra/Popul Vuh +).
Most of the projects output was stem celled from a core of late night jam sessions where the setting involved dusting off some of Cameron's prized analog synth gear, channeling the creative muses and improvising direct to disc. Thought Guild was nothing more than two guys getting together and making music off the cuff so the end result was slightly less polished raw with energy and "eclectic" artistic embellishments. The project was never meant to be a steady gig and music was recorded at the proverbial the spur of the moment riding the wave of synthetic inspiration.
Three full length releases and one collection of live and rare studio demos compromises the entire catalog of Thought Guild's improvised musical opuses. Thought Guild is now a defunct project as of the 2011 passing of Christopher Cameron

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Various - Starflight 1, Hearts Of Space (1986)

1 –Michael Amerlan Carillon
2 –Tim Clark Invisible Universe 1
3 –Tim Clark Invisible Universe 2
4 –Tim Clark Rings 3
5 –Tim Clark Halley's 2
6 –Tim Clark Milky Way 1
7 –Tim Clark Milky Way 2
8 –Michael Amerlan Contemplative Ascent
9 –Steve Roach & Kevin Braheny The Other Side
10 –Steve Roach Quiet Friend

Very nice compilation of Ambient electronic music from the 80s.


Duncan Goddard - Electrical Tape (2013)

Madrid based Duncan Goddard plays keyboards and bass guitar in the British group Radio Massacre International (with Steve Dinsdale and Gary Houghton) with whom he has recorded a number of albums variously categorised as "space rock", "krautrock" and "Berlin School". He and Steve started playing electronic music together in Teesside in the late 1970s, and the band have played various festivals around the world

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jiannis - Nightsessions (1998)

Jiannis is Jiannis Zedamanis, a Greek producer of electronic music since 1986. His own music is influenced by the "Berlin School" of Electronic Music: stylistically similar to the early works of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ron Berry - Where Dark Forces Meet (1982)

Ron Berry is a composer of electronic music and maker of modular synthesizers.
This was Ron Berry's first synthesiser electronic music album. it was released on the “Flowmotion” label in 1982. 
"It’s a collection of tracks inspired by memories of experiences of living in cheap rented one roomed accommodation often in run-down areas of town or crashing out on peoples floors. I recalled simple things like drifting off into imaginary worlds while watching an astronomy programme on TV, gazing into the fireplace and seeing strange things, staring out of the window on a rainy day or just visiting friends and playing music together, looking round second hand record shops. I just wanted to capture that feeling.
By 1980 I had settled into my first bought house and while very hard up but enjoying the luxury of central heating I started to build my first mainly analogue synthesiser studio in a tiny back bedroom. After the period with the duo “Out of Control”, which was born there, and many many hours of subsequent hard work this, my first solo album, was completed." (Ron Berry)
For the making of this album, Ron Berry used two home-made modular synthesizers with sequencer and a home-made electronic percussion unit.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Peter Tedstone - Zwolf (2002)

Now there's a name from the distant past that I never thought I would hear from again! Wrong - about 15 years after we first promoted his music, and had him play ‘live’ at one of the UK Electronica festivals, here he is, back again with what is his first CD! Way back, this was the proud musician/composer of an excellent cassette called ‘Prismatic’, and he followed that up with several other cassette releases that never quite seemed to fulfil the promise of that debut tape. Now, after all these years, you can just imagine my surprise when this CD arrived on my desk, and not only that, I also find that it is by far and away the best thing I've ever heard him do, and it’s actually a lot better than much of what many of his younger contemporaries are getting up to in Europe right now. This is an album that I've enjoyed immensely, so much so much that I've actually made time to give it several plays just for pleasure! It has 5 tracks of melodic, rhythmic multi-textured, multi-layered synth music that span fifty-three minutes, and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable album with an undoubted 80’s influence, and yet it still sounds fresh and vital. (review by Andy G.)