Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jdoblom - Nyx (2015)

Jdoblom is a musician from Russia that specialises in ambient, psybient, and chillout music. Here is a fine example of his music!

Get it (flac format)

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Phrozenlight - Dreamlands (2015)

Phrozenlight, real name Bert Hülshoff,  is a composer of electronic ambient/berlin-school/experimental electronic music (from Netherlands). His music is usually sequencer based and long in duration. His style is towards dark psychedelic ambient music.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

K. Markov - Sound Colors (2017)

K. Markov is a composer of electronic berlin-school music from Zagreb-Croatia. His style is close to Klaus Schultze and Tangerine Dream.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dream Control - Zeitgeber (2017)

Dream Control is the collaboration of a legend of the Krautrock Kosmiche scene and a pioneer of the German electronic scene. Zeus B. Held, renowned producer (Gina X Performance and works under his own moniker) and Steve Schroyder (former member of Tangerine Dream during their formative period) team up to deliver their debut album “Zeitgeber” which celebrates their very own sound and rhythm in a cosmic journey through audio and time. The tracks are a blend of structured compositions and improvisations accented by the throat singing of Kolja Simon und Felix Mönnich aka AlienVoices. The album plays like a Technicolor adventure through space with explorations of cosmic disco, dreamlike passages, vocoder lullabies, and space odysseys. Zeus B. Held began his musical career in 1972 in French progressive art-rock band Eruption before joining successful German prog rock group Birth Control, performing and writing with them 1973 – 1978. He was one of the first musicians to use the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM 201 in his live sets. Zeus’ production work with cult project Gina X Performance transformed him into an electronic specialist producer settling down in London for over 20 years. In his London studio he worked with artists including John Foxx, Dead or Alive, Men Without Hats, Transvision Vamp and Gary Numan, did a series of international soundtracks and further productions with Nina Hagen and Udo Lindenberg. After numerous trips around the globe he composed and produced a collection of his own albums (which Medical released a hand-picked selection in 2015). Steve Schroyder started to develop his musical vision with an electronic organ and his own films. He founded the group Turning Free giving a string of improvised concerts in Berlin clubs before meeting Edgar Froese in 1970 to mutually further develop the vision of ‘cosmic music’ resulting in recording the Tangerine Dream albums Alpha Centauri and Zeit. In 1972 he left TD and joined Ash Ra Temple. Further creative collaborations and projects include Scarecrew, Augenstern, Star Sounds Orchestra, various trance productions, Anne Clark, Alien Voices and Star Sound Kontinuum. The tracks have been expertly mastered for vinyl by Zeus B. Held. Limited Edition.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Airsculpture - Sequential Circuits (2015)

AirSculpture are a UK based electronic music group. Its members - Adrian Beasley, John Christian and Peter Ruczynski - established it in the mid-1990s as a reaction to a music scene that no longer reflected their tastes. The energy and edge of '70s EM had become diluted into a monoculture of clinical digital sounds usually played over safe pre-recorded backing.
Most of AirSculpture's music is created live on stage, improvised with little or no pre-planning. Over time it has evolved to a unique sound melding driving Berlin School rhythms with engaging, flowing melodies; or sometimes moving into darker ambient realms; or shifting gear with danceable beats.
The band has released more than a dozen full length albums; the majority are live recordings reflecting the live nature of the music. There have also been numerous tracks released on compilation albums.
This album was recorded live at E-Day Oirschot festival in 18th April 2015. 


Friday, December 8, 2017

Etherfysh - On Your Way Home (2007)

Etherfysh is Greek composer of electronic music Chris Christou. His style is between berlin-school and new age music. 
"On Your Way Home" is an album of melodic, cosmic and rhythmic synth music that will appeal to all fans of synthesiser music.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Create - Improvisations (2010)

Berlin School / sequencer music by Stephen Humphries. Here is a large collection of rare recordings called "Improvisations" that fans of Berlin-school music will really love.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Arcanum - Das Labirynth (2000)

Arcanum is the project of German musician Bernd Braun (born 1959 in Cologne), who first played guitar and bass in rock bands in the mid-1970's, moving on to semi-professional work, before changing his attention to synthesizers, first as a multi-instrumentalist and then with solo work under the guise of Arcanum.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ian Boddy - Liverdelphia (2013)

“Liverdelphia” is a powerful work. A work where the musical duality spreads its veil of magnetism and where the listener is swallowed to be teleported in a sound universe to the measure of the immoderation of an artist to the visions as infinite as the musical meanders of his synths cables. A work where the cosmos of the vintages years is skilfully rediscovered, a work where the atmospheres get revitalize in rhythms as hard than pure, “Liverdelphia” will nail you in your dreams with a surprising dominance on your fascination." (taken from "Synth&Sequences blog)