Monday, March 13, 2017

Ron Berry - Where Dark Forces Meet (1982)

Ron Berry is a composer of electronic music and maker of modular synthesizers.
This was Ron Berry's first synthesiser electronic music album. it was released on the “Flowmotion” label in 1982. 
"It’s a collection of tracks inspired by memories of experiences of living in cheap rented one roomed accommodation often in run-down areas of town or crashing out on peoples floors. I recalled simple things like drifting off into imaginary worlds while watching an astronomy programme on TV, gazing into the fireplace and seeing strange things, staring out of the window on a rainy day or just visiting friends and playing music together, looking round second hand record shops. I just wanted to capture that feeling.
By 1980 I had settled into my first bought house and while very hard up but enjoying the luxury of central heating I started to build my first mainly analogue synthesiser studio in a tiny back bedroom. After the period with the duo “Out of Control”, which was born there, and many many hours of subsequent hard work this, my first solo album, was completed." (Ron Berry)
For the making of this album, Ron Berry used two home-made modular synthesizers with sequencer and a home-made electronic percussion unit.

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