Saturday, March 4, 2017

Peter Tedstone - Zwolf (2002)

Now there's a name from the distant past that I never thought I would hear from again! Wrong - about 15 years after we first promoted his music, and had him play ‘live’ at one of the UK Electronica festivals, here he is, back again with what is his first CD! Way back, this was the proud musician/composer of an excellent cassette called ‘Prismatic’, and he followed that up with several other cassette releases that never quite seemed to fulfil the promise of that debut tape. Now, after all these years, you can just imagine my surprise when this CD arrived on my desk, and not only that, I also find that it is by far and away the best thing I've ever heard him do, and it’s actually a lot better than much of what many of his younger contemporaries are getting up to in Europe right now. This is an album that I've enjoyed immensely, so much so much that I've actually made time to give it several plays just for pleasure! It has 5 tracks of melodic, rhythmic multi-textured, multi-layered synth music that span fifty-three minutes, and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable album with an undoubted 80’s influence, and yet it still sounds fresh and vital. (review by Andy G.)

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