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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Software - Chip-Meditation (1985)

The project "Software" was founded by Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser in 1984. Last release was "Mystic-Millenium Vol.2" in 2000.
"Chip-Meditation is one of the better efforts from the Software "team" of Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser. The inspiration for the set comes from contemporary philosophers. Their statements regarding rapid change, technological advancement, and the unpredictable stretching of boundaries and human imagination sent Weisser and Mergener to the studio to examine new limits. They have found several questions to ask. The examination of these issues manifests itself in Software's Berlin-school electronica and metallic textures. This is a fairly strong CD. It will appeal to fans of Klaus Schulze, Dweller at the Threshold, and Ashra." (taken from

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