Thaneco "Ancient Temples" (2018)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Smackos - A Vampire Goes West (2017)

Smackos is Danny Wolfers, a Dutch electronic musician who describes his musical style as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack." This is his latest album and has ambient-experimental electronic tracks.


Jean-Jacques Perrey & Pat Prilly - Moog Expressions (1972)

Jean-Jacques Perrey (born 20 January 1929, France - died 4 November, 2016, Switzerland) was a French electronic musician, composer and an early pioneer in the electronic music genre.

He was studying medicine in Paris when he met Georges Jenny, inventor of the Ondioline. Quitting medical school, Perrey travelled throughout Europe demonstrating this keyboard ancestor of the modern synth. At the age of 30, Perrey relocated to New York City, sponsored by Carroll Bratman, who built him an experimental laboratory and recording studio at 209 West 48th Street. Here he invented "a new process for generating rhythms with sequences and loops", utilising the environmental sounds of musique concrète. With scissors, splicing tape and tape recorders, he spent weeks piecing together a uniquely comic take on the future. Befriending Robert Moog, he became one of the first Moog musicians, creating "far out electronic entertainment". In 1965 Perrey met Gershon Kingsley, a former collaborator of John Cage. Together, using an Ondioline and Perrey's loops, they created two albums for Vanguard: Perrey - Kingsley* - The In Sound From Way Out! (1966) and Perrey & Kingsley - Kaleidoscopic Vibrations(1967). Perrey & Kingsley also collaborated on sound design for radio and television advertising.

Pat Prilly is his daughter Patricia Leroy. Like he said in an interview, she wouldn’t compose but give him ideas and play things on her organ so he gave her credit on those song. Also a legal background (like him signed to another label (Vanguard) that time) is possible for giving credits to her. Pat is a short of her first name and Prilly is the city in Switzerland where she was living.

"Moog Expressions" is experimental electronic music made on the Moog Modular Synthesiser.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Various - Syntonic Waves (1991)

"Syntonic Waves" is a compilation of various musicians of electronic berlin-school, ambient and experimental music. The first compilation was released in 1991 and includes musicians such as Rüdiger LorenzMathias GrassowSyncoTraumklang and many other! This first cd is hard to find but not if you are a reader of my "SweeterThanEchoes" blog! Do remember to support my blog and music by buying any of my cd albums or digital downloads from band camp

Get it here

Kubusschnitt - The Cube (2000)

Kubusschnitt is a music group of electronic music which publishes its first studio album in 1999. The band consists of Andy Bloyce Jens Peschke, Ruud Heij and Tom Coppens. They play a mix of electronic music from the Berlin School and ambient. "The Cube" was written in 2000.
Today, the members of the band are Heij, Coppens, John Dieterich and Gert Emmens.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Thaneco & Steve Hillman - Empyreal (2017)

The new and long awaited album "Empyreal", by Thaneco and Steve Hillman, is finally available for purchase.

Thaneco (Thanos Oikonomopoulos or Ekonomopoulos) was born in Patras, Greece, in November 1975. Composer of electronic music with several different influences from the electronica of the 70s and 80s (berlin school, krautrock, downtempo).
During 1994-1998 Thaneco studied music composition and piano performance in Moravian College, Pennsylvania (U.S.A) and got the Bachelor of music.
In 2001 he released his first solo album "Psychic Images"
In 2003 he released the album "Incubation" with his band "the flow"
His later work can be described as vintage-psychedelic electronica with influences from Rudiger Lorenz, Cluster, Vangelis, John Carpenter and other.
He is also a passionate vintage synthesizer collector and a modular synthesizer enthusiast.

Empyreal has Berlin-school electronic music, ambient, and progressive rock music blended beautifully. Instruments used: Moog mimimoog model D, Moog Sub37, Mellotron, Prophet 5, Nord Lead 5, Eurorack modular synthesiser and many many more.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

AEM (Antike Elektronische Musik) - Report (2010)

AEM (Antike Elektronische Musik) is Frédéric Würtz, a french composer very influenced by the 80s German and American electronic music, especially Berlin-school. I like the way he uses the synths to create electronic distorted guitar tones. This one is of the rare albums by this artist. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Earthstar - Atomkraft, Nein, Danke! (1981)

Earthstar was an electronic music group originally from Utica, New York, in the United States. Earthstar was the brainchild of keyboardist/synthesist Craig Wuest. After the release of their first album, Salterbarty Tales (1978), by Nashville-based Moontower Records, Wuest was encouraged by electronic music artist, composer, and producer Klaus Schulze to relocate to Germany where Earthstar was signed by Sky Records. Schulze co-produced their second album, French Skyline.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rüdiger Lorenz ‎– Coral Sea

Here is Rüdiger Lorenz experimenting with digital synthesisers such as the DX7, the Emu proteus, Korg Wavestation, Roland D550 and many other. 
Here (flac)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Rüdiger Lorenz ‎– Tropica

This is the last album from Rüdiger Lorenz discography and really nice one. Lots of interesting electronic sounds and ideas on this one.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rüdiger Lorenz ‎– Morning Of The World (1988)

Morning of the World was released in 1988 and was the last of Rüdiger's records to be released on vinyl. The first on the lp, starts with cosmic keyboard sounds punctuated with industrial percussion and evolves into a tribal anthem. The tribal/ethnic elements are characteristic through out his later albums.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rüdiger Lorenz - The Last Secret Of Poseidon (1985)

Great album by Rudiger Lorenz and really hard to find. Offered here for the readers of this blog.

Rüdiger Lorenz - Angaria (1987)

"Space ethnic/tribal" music blended with dramatic, ambient melodies. Rudiger Lorenz was a great inventor of new electronic sounds.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Rudiger Lorenz - Queen Of Saba (1981)

This is the extremely rare first album of Rudiger Lorenz that was produced in the cassette format in 1981. It was recorded live at his home studio.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rüdiger Lorenz ‎– Southland (1984)

"Southland" is an album of electronic music by Rüdiger Lorenz and was written in 1984 at his home studio. Rüdiger Lorenz is using a large variety of vintage electronic synthesisers such as: Korg Polysix, Korg Vocoder VC 10, Roland Vocoder plus, Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, Casiotone 201, Crumar Brassman, and a home built modular synthesizer system (101 modules). He is also playing some Indian bells.

Rüdiger Lorenz - Invisible Voices (1983)

Hello to all the readers of my blog. I wish you a happy new year and after a long break I begin my exploration of electronic music once again with this wonderful album by Rüdiger Lorenz,  an electronic musician from Ingelheim (near Mainz), Germany. As a pharmacist and collector of synthesizers (modular systems) he made experimental music in his Lorenz-Park studio. He also made his own modular synthesisers and was the owner of a PPG modular system! "Invisible Voices" has that Lorenz style of primitive drum machine rhythms, shimmering pads, and beautiful vocoder melodies.